Matteo Viani

Name Matteo Viani

Year of birth 1990

Athlete background

  • Participated in Youth Italian Championships from 2004 to 2008
    • A Final in 2004 in 200m butterfly and 1500m free
    • A Final in 2006 in 200m butterfly
  • From 2007 I started my Open Water career
    • twice 5K Youth Italian Championships 2007 and 2008
  • I competed at National Senior level from 2010 to 2012 in 5K indoor, 5K OW and 10K OW
    • I reached the TOP 10 in 10K and in the Italian OW Gran Prix in 2012

Trainer background

  • 10 years of experience in the swimming pool as a coach
    • I primarily worked with the competitive youth selections of Rapallo Nuoto developing their skills and talents and preparing some of my pupils for national championships
    • From 2016-2019 I also coached the Master Swimmers of Rapallo Nuoto, amongst whom also several triathletes
    • From 2016-2019 I coached swimming technique and conditioning for professional water polo players of Rapallo Pallanuoto, of whom many female athletes from National Teams (Canada, America, Italy, The Netherlands, Australia)
    • 2018-2019: I started up a competitive life saving team at Rapallo Nuoto

Other CV items

  • Studying Human Sport Movement Sciences
  • Swim Trainer of F.I.N. (Italian Swimming Federation)
  • Holistic operator of A.T.S. (Advanced Training System)
    • Moxibustion, traditional Chinese therapy of warming regions and meridian points with moxa to stimulate circulation through the sore points
    • Dry Cupping, traditional Chinese therapy method of applying cups to the sore body parts to stimulate circulation and thereby recovery
    • Functional Exercise, subscribing specific exercises to assist the development of correct athletic abilities
    • Postural Gymnastic, organizing classes of postural gymnastics such as Pilates
    • Corrective Exercise, choosing proper exercises in order to correct posture and movements
    • Elastic Kinesiotape, application of tape in order to treat pain from athletic injuries and other physical disorders
  • Athletic Trainer for strength and conditioning part of swimming disciplines

Favourite training quotes

  • Train smarter, not harder!
  • The access to success is through the mind!